Easy Ways to Get a Good and Quality Backlink

Have you ever wondered how a website / blog can survive on the first page of search engines? Have you seen the links in the sidebar of the site is the website / blog? Link is what is called a backlink.

A backlink is a link / links that point to your site, but on other sites. Some people who already pursue the world of blogging is usually already familiar with the term backlink. Backlink, or also known as inbound links, is one of the important aspects of SEO. This is because it provides an opportunity for sites backlink us to be on the first page of search engines (page one). Many search engines, including Google's own algorithm backlink. The more the number of backlinks and the better the quality, then our website will be read as a good site by Google.

Why backlink so important? Here are some benefits of backlinks for SEO:

Increase Blog Position On SERP
SERP (search engine result page) is the result pages of the search engines. There are many factors to improve the positioning of our site on the SERP, among others:

Determining the Right Keyword
This can be done by using the Google keyword planner. With this tool we can know the number of searches for the keywords we mean. With these calculations, we can choose keywords that are popular but the number of competitors a bit.

Creating Quality Articles
Based on the keywords you've selected, you must be able to create a quality article. Quality parameters such as the title to the content should be appropriate, at least 300 word article. The important thing is, avoid any mention of keywords over and over, because it is not preferred by Google.

Using Anchor Text

By using the anchor text, position the article / post you make will be stronger in the search engines. Anchor text is the visible text, which is used for hyperlinks.

Looking for Qualified Backlink

Getting quality backlinks can improve the position of your website / blog in the SERP. Backlink little but better quality than a lot of backlinks but spammy.

Navigate backlink to the blog dummy

You can create a dummy blog posts and then direct it to the url / blog. It can maximize the backlink.

Maintaining the position of SERP

Having got a good position in SERP, then our next task is to maintain the position of your site in search engines. Maintaining this position will not be easy because of competition among webmasters is getting tougher. The more backlinks on our site, the better the effect on the ranking of the site. Navigate backlink not only on the main page of our website, but also to the article that we fit on the site.

Increase Ranking Blog

Some search engines determine the ranking of a blog / website by calculating the number of backlinknya.

There are many ways you can do to get backlinks. There is a natural or auto. Quality backlinks albeit slightly, would be better than many backlinks but it turned out spam. Backlink spam is usually obtained by using auto backlink. Sites that have a backlink spam will usually be penalized in Google and will lower the page rank site.

Some ways to get backlinks naturally, among others:

1. Submit Articles to socialbookmark

By submit articles in bookmarking, article on blog / website you will have the opportunity to get visitors from social bookmarking. Additionally, you can also get quality backlinks. To choose social bookmarking good ranking and popularity. There are many social bookmark on the internet, such as Digg, Technorati, IndianPad, Lintas.Me, and others. To submit to many social bookmarking sites it takes time and effort is not small. Besides submit one by one to each social bookmarking, it turns out there is how to submit automated, using socialmarker.com. This site provides services automatically submit articles to more than 47 social bookmarking.

2. Asking Questions on the Site FAQ

There are a lot of question and answer sites on the articles that are interactive. You can ask the site link sambal links that point to your blog / website. Make sure you link link is the link of life with a single click, visitors can go directly to your website / blog. Question and answer sites on the Internet for example, Yahoo Answers.

3. Answering Questions on the Site FAQ
In addition to asking questions, you can also actively answering the questions people in question and answer site. Sambal provide an answer, you can include a link that leads to your website / blog. Use live links in the signature / auto text under your answer.

4. Starting Thread Relevant in Multiple Cropping Forum and links to your blog

Make a new thread in a forum and include links to your website / blog. Thread you create should be relevant to the links you include. Thus, the link could lead to the article / post another thread related topics that you create. There are many online forums on the internet, one of the largest in Indonesia is Kaskus.co.id.

5. Commenting on Dofollow Blog

Leave comments on the blog or DoFollow blog posts, particularly those relevant to your blog. DoFollow blogs corresponding to your blog discussion will bring quality backlinks.

6. Submit your RSS feed to the RSS Directories

There are several RSS directories on the internet. By registering your site to rss directory, then every time you post on the site, the link will appear in RSS directories automatically. Examples of RSS directories are feedage.com, feedburner.com, and much more.

7. Exchanging Links With Blog that his niche Same with your Site

Another way to get quality backlinks is to exchange links with your site / blog others marketnya same niche with your site. 


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